Liposuction is not a slimming method

Liposuction is a surgical technique, with minimal scarring, for the removal of localized fat. In English it should be called liposuction, which would be the most correct name. The term liposculpture enters more in the media and advertising field. As a surgical technique, it must be performed in an operating room.

The technique basically consists of introducing a cannula of a few mm in diameter (3,4,6 mm.) in localized fat accumulations, previously treated, and extracting the fat by means of an aspirator. It should be noted that it is not a slimming method.

Candidate for liposuction and areas of realization

The ideal candidate is a tall, slim young woman with localized fat accumulation. In general it can be done at any age and type of woman, but the result is better the more elasticity and skin retraction, and this happens better in young people.

Fundamentally it is usually performed in the trochanteric area and iliac crests (holsters), in the internal face of knees, in the sacral region… but it is also not uncommon in the abdomen, chest (love handles), neck (double chin),… In general, wherever there is localized fat, I repeat this technique is not a massive weight loss technique.

Contraindications and results of liposuction

The contraindications are mainly determined by the preoperative study, are of a general nature: anemia, etc., and also those patients who expect an unreal result or have expectations that do not conform to reality.

Patients begin to look very well at one month, but up to three months there are still signs of inflammation and there may still be mobilization of fat cells, but when the process is stabilized and the final result is seen is at nine months, and from that time when you can perform a touch-up if needed.