The Power of a Healthy and Attractive Smile

The smile is one of the first impressions that others receive from us, so it is important to maintain it in order to make a better impression. Ms. Cabeza, an expert in dentistry and dental esthetics, talks about the importance of having a healthy and attractive smile.

We use our teeth every second, consciously and unconsciously, not only as a basic tool for the chewing function, but they also participate in swallowing and phonation. They also play an important role in the esthetics of our smile. Healthy, white teeth in a sincere smile are our best calling card.

Reasons why the smile is so important

1. “A smile is worth a thousand words”.

A smile reveals an emotional state. They can be sincere, forced, some captivate by being attractive and others are nevertheless exciting and contagious.

2. Well-being

A smile conveys security, empathy and a state of physical and psychological well-being. The act of smiling contributes to the release of happiness hormones.

3. Influence

People with a beautiful smile are more attractive and influential. Emotions are contagious and it is logical that we always seek to relate to positive and smiling people. Smiling frequently and confidently contributes to greater personal and professional success.

It is important to wear a healthy and beautiful smile, which shows empathy, confidence and ultimately reveals the best version of ourselves. To achieve this, we can look for methods and treatments that help us to recover the smile we had or to improve our current one. Isn’t it better to enjoy life with a smile?