Egg Donation: Alternative for Infertility

Egg Donation, a simple technique

Egg donation is a simple process that requires sub-cutaneous administration of hormones for approximately 7-8 days. During this process, ultrasound controls are performed to objectify the growth of the follicles and, once these follicles are the right size, the eggs must be extracted.

This is done in an operating room for maximum care and is performed under sedation. This consists of numbing the patient for 5 to 10 minutes, which allows us, first, that she does not have any pain and, secondly, that there are no unexpected movements that may complicate the process.

Once the eggs have been extracted, the patient is transferred to a box for recovery. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes and, after that, we let the donor come in, so that she can have something to eat, then she returns to the center, we check that she is well and we discharge her on an outpatient basis.

What are the requirements to be an egg donor?

According to Spanish legislation, egg donors must be between 18 and 35 years old. At Embriogyn, preferably under 32 years of age. This same Spanish legislation obliges the donors to undergo psychological studies, genetic studies and studies of infectious diseases. From our point of view, we also evaluate the body mass index, to avoid surgical risks for the donor, and an ultrasound is performed the first days of the cycle to assess the antral follicle count, the ovarian reserve.

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Not all girls can undergo the donation process because not all of them have an adequate number of eggs to undergo the process.

We are having demand for eggs of different ethnicities. Of oriental origin, of Nordic race, of black raceā€¦ in other words, it is open to all kinds of ethnicities without distinction.

Which women receive the donated eggs?

Although in the past most of the cases were women over 40 years of age, nowadays we find many women desperate to become mothers, to have a baby and who, for different reasons, are unable to do so; either because they have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy, women who have genetic diseases or who have undergone different therapeutic alternatives, different reproductive techniques with their own eggs and have not been successful.

All of them see here a source of light, a possibility that can solve their problem. And this is always done under the strictest anonymity, as Spanish legislation requires this process to be anonymous.

Egg donation in Embriogyn

More than 15 years behind us. We have the most powerful donation program in the province of Tarragona and probably one of the most powerful in Catalonia. For us donors are very special people, they are the queens of the center. They perform an act of great human value that we appreciate very much.

And what are the rewards that the donor gets from the process? First, the satisfaction of helping a couple. Second, a very important medical check-up. They also get biological information and finally an economic compensation, but it should never be the reason for the donation. We must not forget that behind this process there is a couple and this couple has feelings.