Everything you need to know about teeth whitening

How is the process of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a treatment that consists of modifying (lightening) the color of the teeth, eliminating stains, lowering the saturation of the color and gaining, above all, in luminosity. These results are obtained by applying active ingredients on the tooth surface that release oxygen (in different concentrations depending on the tooth color).

What are the risks of this type of treatment?

As with any medical therapeutic procedure, it must be carried out properly by a dental professional who has the knowledge, skills and abilities to diagnose, plan and treat our patients appropriately. It is the most conservative aesthetic therapeutic alternative that exists to modify the color of our teeth, without our teeth, gums and mucosa suffering any type of alteration or side effect.

Are there any contraindications?

More than contraindications there are exclusion factors to the treatment. It is essential before performing a dental whitening to treat if there is dental pathology (caries) or periodontal (gums). Other exclusion factors are patients who are minors, pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as heavy smokers.

What are the benefits for the patient?

Having white teeth is a trend. By performing a dental whitening we manage to change the facial expression of our patients, achieving wider and brighter smiles, increasing the security and self-esteem of all patients.

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What care should the patient follow after dental whitening?

None in particular, especially not smoking, since good oral hygiene is essential to prevent all kinds of oral diseases and so that the results of whitening last for years. In summary, we can say that teeth whitening is very effective, totally conservative with the oral structures and does not produce any type of aggression to the enamel or gums. The truth is that if you follow the guidelines set by your dentist, the results can be maintained for several years.