How does epilepsy influence sexual intercourse?

Generally, patients with epilepsy can have a sex life just like everyone else.

However, when the person suffers from mood disturbances or stress overload, anxiety or depression due to the disease, this can negatively influence and affect the sexual life. Thus, it is important to communicate this to the physician in order to assess the treatment and manage it appropriately in case these problems exist.

How do drugs for epilepsy affect sex life?

We should know that some drugs can decrease libido and, therefore, lead to less sexual desire and other alterations in both men and women. If these changes occur and are also related to taking a new treatment, it is important to inform the physician, as a treatment adjustment may have to be made to avoid these undesirable effects.

Can epilepsy cause sterility?

Epilepsy as such does not cause sterility. However, it is also important to know that some drugs can decrease fertility in both men and women. The quality of the eggs and sperm can be altered, so it is highly recommended to plan the pregnancy to have the support of a specialist.

Women who wish to become pregnant should take folic acid early and inform the specialist to assess the treatment being performed and the care to be followed. If these tips are taken into account, pregnancy, delivery and the newborn will follow a normal development.

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Is epilepsy hereditary? Can it affect the baby?

The thought that epilepsy can be inherited or can affect the baby carries with it psychological damage before and during pregnancy in women with epilepsy. We must be clear that there is little chance of inheriting epilepsy. In general, the child will be healthy and will have good characteristics, always insisting on good planning and pregnancy controls. In some cases, some types of hereditary epilepsy do exist, but they are minimal or almost nonexistent.

Are there any contraindications for having sexual intercourse if we have epilepsy?

If you have a normal sexual intercourse, there is no contraindication. The position, for example, does not pose any danger to have an epileptic seizure, as long as it is performed normally.

What should we keep in mind?

Remember that in general, the sex life of people with epilepsy is the same as that of the rest of the population. Keep in mind that mood and some drugs can have a negative influence on sex life, so you should talk to your specialist to receive the appropriate information and guidance.