Quicksleeper 5: the revolution in osteocentral anesthesia

The QuickSleeper 5 is an electronic dental anesthesia delivery system that allows us to perform this “annoying” step of dental treatment efficiently and painlessly.

We can apply all the techniques of traditional anesthesia, but with predictable control of the strength and amounts of anesthetic that we are going to place. In addition, it is the only device capable of performing intraosseous anesthesia.

The 6 advantages of the QuickSleeper 5 system

  • No “sleeping lip or tongue”: By placing the anesthetic very close to the root of the teeth, the peripheral soft tissues are not affected by its effect and the patient leaves the office without the sensation of a drooping lip or swollen tongue.
  • No danger of biting soft tissues: as mentioned in the previous point, as there is no loss of sensitivity in the tongue or lip, it is difficult to self-injure.
  • Immediate effect: as the anesthesia is deposited directly on the area to be treated, once the anesthetic is finished, we can perform our treatment, thus avoiding the waiting time necessary in traditional techniques.
  • It always works: in traditional techniques, the anesthesia is deposited outside the area to be treated and we have to wait for the anesthetic liquid to diffuse and cross anatomical barriers until it reaches the tooth.

This means that medication is lost along the way and is not totally effective, having to be reinforced with new inoculations (punctures) in many cases.

With this technique, by directly depositing the anesthetic in the target area, we avoid these usual obstacles and our technique is totally effective, with less quantity of anesthetic to do so.

  • Painless: due to the design of the bevel of the needle and the way we place the anesthetic around the tooth to be treated, where there are no pain receptor endings, the anesthetic technique with QuickSleeper 5 is painless.
  • We can perform several treatments in the same visit: as mentioned above, the soft tissues are not numb. This allows us to treat several teeth in different quadrants of the mouth without leaving with the sensation of a swollen face.
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In summary, the QuickSleeper 5 is a breakthrough in losing the fear of the dreaded “pinch”.