Eliminate dark circles under the eyes, definitively and without surgery

The treatment of dark circles under the eyes without surgery is intended for those patients who have a concavity in the lower eyelid, without fat herniation. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to fill the hollow of the dark circles to rejuvenate the look with visible results after three months.

Procedure for the elimination of dark circles under the eyes without surgery

During the consultation with the aesthetic specialist, the patient can decide which areas of the face are to be treated. This may include dark circles under the eyes, eyelids, cheekbones, and also any other complementary treatments that may improve the patient’s physical appearance.

It is important to choose the filler product that best suits the patient’s condition, this can vary depending on skin type, condition and the areas you wish to modify.

Dark circles under eye filler technique

The technique consists of injecting a filler product under the eyebrow, deep or flush with the bone until the entire hollow is filled. During the first intervention, a short-lasting resorbable product is used, so the results will be noticed quickly. Later, if the results are as desired, you can opt for long-lasting or permanent products. Anesthesia is not necessary as it is a simple injection.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery is simple and does not require very specific care. It is important to clean and moisturize the area and apply ice for swelling during the first few days. There are usually no complications, but in the case of some patients small bruises or ecchymosis may appear at various injection sites.

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The result can be seen immediately and will last for several months, depending on the product and the patient’s desired duration.