ITero: Advantages of Technology in Dentistry

Dentistry is increasingly opting for the latest and most advanced technology with the acquisition of an intraoral scanner: the iTero. It is a state-of-the-art scanner that offers many advantages for both patients and specialists.

What are the main advantages of the iTero for our patients?

– It is very comfortable and practical. Patients no longer have to suffer discomfort and inconvenience when taking measurements with cuvettes and silicone. With iTero there is no discomfort due to pressure of the trays on the gums and bone.
– It is very fast as it allows scanning both arches in less than 10 minutes.
– It offers great precision in all measurements, with no room for error. It works with a green light system that lights up when the measurements are perfectly configured and ready to be sent to the laboratory.
– At the same time there is no longer the possibility of having to repeat the measurements to the patient and having to extend the start of the treatment.
– The device can scan an entire arch, just one tooth or a specific group of teeth.

What are the advantages for the clinic?

– It makes it possible to dispense with certain products such as precision silicones, trays and other materials that were necessary to be able to take the measurements correctly.
– There is no possibility of error on the part of the specialists when taking the measurements, due to the maximum precision of the appliance.
– It guarantees the security of obtaining very precise and accurate splints with a maximum degree of adaptation to the mouths of our patients.
– It is more environmentally friendly as we reduce and/or directly eliminate packages, boxes, shipments, transports, etc.
– It allows us to show patients and/or their parents the current state of their malocclusion and the different variations that will take place month by month during the orthodontic treatment that best suits them thanks to the 3D simulation system of the scanner.
– In addition, this device can also be used for prosthetic and implantology treatments. It allows high-precision measurements to be taken of patients and sent to the laboratory so that specialists can design and prosthetists can fabricate future prostheses and restorations.
The goal of dental specialists is to allow all patients to enjoy the great advantages of iTero and thus achieve together a better correction of malocclusions, better facial aesthetics and, undoubtedly, a better smile.