Impress: Innovative technology for more precise orthodontic treatment

Impress was born in 2019 with the aim of combining orthodontic tradition with the most innovative technology in the sector to perform more precise treatments, in less time and adapted to patients’ lives. All this, offering personalized and constant medical assistance.

What advantages does Impress offer?

Clear aligners have many advantages and very few disadvantages.

First of all, one of their main advantages is the great comfort they offer, since you do not realize you are wearing them. On the other hand, since they are removable, you can continue with your normal diet, something unthinkable with braces, because there are foods considered forbidden that can detach the bracket or are uncomfortable to eat.

Secondly, this type of aligners allow you to take care of your dental hygiene in depth, since you can continue brushing or flossing your teeth, something that was very complicated with braces.

Finally, efficiency is a characteristic of this type of treatment which makes patients opt for invisible orthodontics.

The medical team has absolute control of the entire process and, in addition, all clinics work in the same way, following the same protocols, so that the patient can go to any of the clinics that Impress has in Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Ukraine, Germany or Switzerland).

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Is it possible to correct set teeth with invisible orthodontics?

At Impress we work on all types of cases: from the simplest to the most complex. However, treatment always begins with a check-up of the mouth by the specialist, with the aim of analyzing whether invisible orthodontics is the solution for the case in question.

Can children use clear aligners in their orthodontic treatment?

At Impress we treat patients of all ages, as long as they have reached oral maturity and have their definitive teeth. Before starting, the patient should see a specialist to indicate the best treatment for his or her case, regardless of age.

Correcting oral problems during youth is recommended because the treatment is easier, faster and more effective. Although this type of treatment is very common, it can cause rejection by some young people, but it is important to help them understand that getting treatment at the right time has many long-term benefits, as it helps correct the bite and can prevent future ailments.

Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth for orthodontic treatment?

As a general rule, it is not necessary to remove wisdom teeth for orthodontic treatment, but in some cases the specialist will indicate it.

What dental treatments are necessary before starting orthodontic treatment?

These are procedures that a patient may need before starting orthodontic treatment.

Although there are many dental treatments that may be necessary before starting orthodontic treatment, the most common are:

  • Dental hygiene or cleaning
  • Dental filling
  • Gingival curettage
  • Tooth extraction
  • Endodontics

Is the video that the patient receives reliable for the result he/she will obtain?

Digitization is one of our strengths, which is an advantage for our patients. Technology, combined with our experience, allows us to perform more precise and effective treatments. The virtual visits, as well as the 3D scanner and the personalized 3D video allow us to determine the duration of each process. In the video the patient can see the duration of the treatment and the final result.

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When is it advisable to visit Impress?

When the child reaches oral maturity, that is, when he/she has the definitive teeth.

There are some signs that may indicate the need for this treatment:

  • Problems chewing or biting
  • Interdental space
  • Crowding or teeth that don’t fit together properly