5 curiosities of our mouth

The mouth is one of the parts of our body that we talk about the least, either out of ignorance or embarrassment. However, it is important to know it, in order to preserve oral health and maintain good hygiene. Impress, the European leader in invisible orthodontics, highlights these 5 curiosities about our mouth:

  1. Teeth are the hardest part of our body.

Tooth enamel acts as a coating and protects the rest of the teeth. It is composed of phosphate and calcium, just like bones, but it also contains proteins, which make teeth the toughest part of the body.

  1. We generate enough saliva in our lifetime to fill two Olympic-size swimming pools.

Saliva plays a very important role in preserving oral health by facilitating digestion and protecting teeth against bacteria. For this reason, the human body can produce 1 liter of saliva every day.

  1. Our teeth are formed before we are born

Although teeth begin to become visible as early as six months of age, they are previously hidden in the gums from the time we are born. In fact, when we are adults, only two thirds of our teeth are exposed, since the root is always hidden in the gums.

  1. On average, we spend 39 days of our lives brushing our teeth.

The recommendation usually made by dental specialists is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and for two minutes. For this reason, when you add it up, we spend an average of 39 days of our lives brushing our teeth.

  1. Teeth are in constant movement throughout life.

Teeth are in constant movement throughout our lives, as our organism is a dynamic system in constant transformation. These changes are generated little by little, daily, and in all dental pieces during chewing. For this reason it is advisable, in many cases, an invisible orthodontic treatment, which is not only an aesthetic procedure, but also prevents dental crowding, poor interdental hygiene or weakening of the teeth.