What are the advantages of immediate implants?

Today’s implantology is no longer based on achieving long-term stability based on osseointegration. What we are currently looking for with our treatments is an esthetic biointegration that is capable of offering our patients restorations that are indistinguishable from natural teeth not only in color and shape, but also in the surrounding tissues.

Treatment of immediate implants

Thanks to the advances developed in this field, we have different techniques such as immediate implants that offer great results.

It is an effective and proven treatment that is often performed with guided surgery that avoids open surgeries favoring aesthetically surprising results and without the discomfort of the classic techniques. For those patients who do not have enough bone, we will first regenerate the bone tissue and thus create enough bone to carry out the application of the implants.

Advantages of immediate implants

In dentistry, immediate implants are a fast, esthetic and bloodless technique that replaces extracted teeth with implants in which we can fix esthetic restorations.

It is practically applied without causing bleeding, and the patient receives esthetic and functional teeth in a single visit.

Well executed it gives fantastic results in the long term, in the same way as deferred implants, but with an easier healing, without the need for stitches or long postoperative period. It is absolutely painless and suitable for any age from 20 years onwards.

The cost of treatment is highly variable depending on the anatomical characteristics and the needs of our patients, but has been greatly reduced in recent years.