Fixed Capillary System: solution for patients who are not candidates for transplantation or with alopecia due to chemotherapy

The Fixed Capillary System (SCF) are capillary implants fixed to the scalp. They differ from the conventional ones in that they are custom-made and with natural hair. In addition, they are the solution for patients who are not candidates for transplant or alopecia due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

BHR Clinic Spain offers a new service for all those patients who present hair alopecia and are not candidates for transplant or hair transplant is not indicated.

Fixed Capillary System: what is it?

Specifically, it is a tailor-made Fixed Capillary System (SCF) that allows the patient to lead a completely normal life, unlike the uncomfortable and unnatural wigs. BHR Clinic Spain’s SCFs are different from the rest in that they are not only custom-made for each patient and made of natural hair, but the great novelty is that they are fixed to the scalp. This means that the patient does not have to remove them and can carry out a normal routine: bathing in the sea, in the swimming pool, washing the scalp, sleeping, etc. Only every 4-6 weeks the patient is educated to learn how to remove the SCF and put it on again.

Who is the Fixed Capillary System indicated for?

The Fixed Capillary System (SCF) is especially indicated for:
1) Women with androgenetic alopecia who are not candidates for transplantation and who seek greater hair density and naturalness.
2) Men with large alopecia in whom hair transplantation cannot guarantee great coverage and hair density.
3) Patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment or alopecia due to radiotherapy who want to have a natural look without having to resort to unsightly wigs.
4) Patients with scalp diseases in which transplantation is not indicated. Some examples are cases of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, Lichen Planus Pilaris, Cutaneous Lupus or Central Centrifugal Alopecia, among others.