How to get hydration and elasticity in your face?

During the summer we must take special care with our skin and protect it from the sun, but in addition to this time of year also the passage of time contributes to notice that our skin is drier, dehydrated and we have the feeling that loses elasticity, but the good news is that it has a solution. Hyaluronic Acid is the star treatment that can restore the best aspect to your skin.

Among the different options of Hyaluronic Acid, Ana Archidona, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine at Triviño Center, recommends Viscoderm Hydrabooster, an injectable stabilized hyaluronic acid that offers a dual function. On the one hand, it helps to restructure the skin tissue through a biological moisturizing process and, on the other hand, by means of a mechanical action it achieves a stretch effect on the most superficial wrinkles in a precise and natural way.

These actions are possible thanks to the rheological properties, the low stiffness and high viscosity of the gel, and also ensure optimal integration into the tissue. For this reason it is particularly effective in the dynamic areas of the face (perioral, periocular and forehead).

Corrective action and acne scars

Hyaluronic acid has a powerful corrective action and is especially useful in cases of marks or scars caused by acne. The technique, in these cases, requires an initial debriding of the underlying tissue and subsequent filling of the area with a bolus proportional to the depth of the scar. This technique elevates the depression of the scar and accelerates the repair of dermal fibrosis.

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Perioral Improvement

Clinical studies performed on Viscoderm Hydrabooster have shown an improvement of at least one degree in 86% of the treated persons, and it has been maintained for at least the first 5 months without any alteration.

Improved surface microrelief

Similarly, the clinical analyses carried out show an improvement of at least one degree in 71% of the people treated, according to the BEAGLY GIBSON photographic scale reference.

Improvement of periocular wrinkles

As for periocular wrinkles, the analyses carried out have shown an improvement of at least one degree in 100% of the patients, using in this case the crow’s feet photographic scale as a reference. On the other hand, the prophylometric analysis shows that this statistically significant improvement is maintained for at least 5 months after treatment.

The applications are multiple and the results are excellent. With Hyaluronic Acid it is possible to achieve the best appearance of your skin at any time of the year.