The practice of Dr. Hernando Rydings pioneer in the technique to treat varicose veins

The practice of vascular surgeon Dr. Hernando Rydings at Sanatorio Bilbaíno is a pioneer among European centers in using the new foam preparation system with Varixio. It was in 2013 when Doctor Enric Roche started working with sterile samples where a modified laboratory magnet was housed and high quality foams were obtained, more stable, homogeneous and with a base of very low concentrations compared to those produced with a much more traditional method such as the ‘Tessari method’.

The processes for treating varicose veins have evolved technologically over the years thanks to the appearance of new and more effective techniques. Nowadays, there are many types of treatments for varicose veins and it is very important to establish a personalized application and individualize the treatments for each specific case.

The technique that stands out most in vascular surgery is the sclerosis of varicose veins, which consists of the painless injection of a very fine needle of a sclerosing agent into the vein, causing an inflammatory reaction that weakens its wall to such an extent that the varicose veins disappear within a certain period of time. Several sessions may be necessary for this procedure, a customized number depending on each patient.

Varixio is the most advanced new automated and standardized system for the preparation of the sclerosing foam for the treatment of varicose veins, regardless of their size, since with other techniques the process is not usually as effective in small varicose veins. This system allows the preparation of foam at any concentration, even at very low concentrations, using air and other gas mixtures that improve the result of foam for sclerotherapy. The main objective of Varixio is to be able to provide both the doctor and the patient with a quality foam even at low concentrations.

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This new generation represents a breakthrough for both the physician and the patient. From the medical point of view, there is a better quality, standardization and versatility of the foam, demonstrating a superior effect to liquid in large veins. Its standardization and versatility in turn allows for greater safety in its application, reducing the risk of overdosing during application to the patient.