How to obtain natural results in breast augmentation surgery?

When a patient considers undergoing breast augmentation surgery it is common to think that these candidates are looking for an exaggerated change, but the truth is that in most cases those who undergo this surgery are only looking to increase their self-esteem.

Current techniques to reshape the chest allow a more natural result and those who want a discreet breast augmentation will always seek naturalness and balance with the rest of the body. Gone are the days of surgeries in which the objective was to achieve lush breasts.

Differences between volume and centimeters

If you are not used to seeing yourself with a large breast, and what you are looking for is a natural and subtle result, Dr. Garcia recommends looking at the base of the implant. He clarifies the importance of paying attention to the base of the implant and, especially, to the width, since the decision to use one or another implant will vary depending on the characteristics of the patient and the projection she is looking for.

Finally, remember that this surgery is performed under general anesthesia and hospitalization for 12 to 24 hours. After 24 hours after surgery the patient can shower, drive and return to work without great effort during the first month. The stitches do not need to be removed.

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