Ultrasonic rhinoplasty: better recovery and higher precision

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a very advanced and revolutionary technique that allows shaping the nose with less trauma, less likelihood of bruising and little inflammation. It is based on the emission of ultrasound at a certain frequency which allows very precise cuts in the bone without injuring the surrounding soft tissues. In this way we can mold the bones of the nose safely and quickly.

In what cases is rhinoplasty indicated?

If you have a nose that you do not like or you have suffered some trauma or nasal fracture and you wish to change the aesthetics of your nose or your breathing, you would be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery using ultrasound. Ultrasonic rhinoplasty has no contraindications as such. It is a painless and simpler process than you can imagine. At the CCM Aesthetic Facial Clinic, thanks to the new ultrasonic rhinoplasty techniques, they do not use nasal packing.

How is the recovery process?

The results are not immediate; the patient will not be able to see the final result until a year has passed, since this is the time it takes for the new tissues to deflate and adapt. However, you will be able to appreciate small changes in the nose after a week. After the operation it is important to follow some hygienic measures the days after the operation and apply local ice to the area to reduce inflammation, although the doctor may also prescribe medication.