ICL Lenses: revolution in visual health

Taking care of our eyes is a daily task, but it can happen that sometimes glasses and contact lenses limit those who seek visual freedom. But I bring good news because in recent years technology has evolved so much that it has brought improvements in the field of visual health.

Why ICL Implantable Lenses?

ICL lenses are a revolution. It is a reversible surgery that offers optimal visual results and guarantees an almost immediate visual recovery. It is used as an alternative to laser surgery.

The implantable collamer lens can correct the same defects as laser refractive surgery: myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. However, its range of action is much greater and it can correct up to 18 diopters of myopia.

Some of its advantages

  • Absence of dry eye syndrome.
  • Possibility of extraction in those cases in which there are important changes of graduation.
  • They provide excellent night vision.

Who is it for?

ICL lenses are recommended for those patients who are not suitable for laser surgery, for those who have more diopters than can be corrected with laser and for those who suffer from dry eye.

The degree of patient satisfaction is very high and the results are even better than those obtained with LASIK surgery.

It does not require maintenance, although it is always advisable to perform annual check-ups in the same way as we do for other types of refractive surgery.