Gastroileal bypass, hyperabsorption-regulating technique

The gastroileal bypass allows the patient to eat more freely than with a stomach reduction. In this way, the patient adapts better to the demands of the procedure.

The specialists in Bariatric Surgery emphasize that this technique allows the patient to obtain better results in terms of quality of life, resolution of comorbidities and weight loss.

As a general rule, the intestine of obese people is better prepared to absorb than that of people who remain slim, that is to say, it is “hyperabsorbent”. For this reason, when we perform a gastroileal bypass we decide the length of intestine to be absorbed, trying to compensate the mentioned “hyperabsorption” and avoiding the malabsorption produced by other techniques. Technical simplification avoids many short and long term postoperative complications.

A faster, simpler, safer and better recovery technique.

The surgery is performed in 30 minutes and is minimally traumatic, thus providing a rapid recovery, with practically no pain, almost immediate food tolerance and a stay in the clinic of less than 48 hours.

The adaptation of the intestinal measurement for each patient, according to weight, height and metabolic situation, allows the technique to be used to solve morbid obesity and its concomitant pathologies in patients with any body mass index above 35 or type 2 diabetes in patients with body mass index between 30 and 35.