How to prepare your smile after the summer with teeth whitening

Summer is coming to an end and, just as we have taken care of our diet to show off our figure, why not do the same with our teeth? Getting our smile to shine is as simple as visiting a specialist in Dentistry and Stomatology to undergo teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening specialist will indicate to the patient the most appropriate whitening technique. Thus, he/she will determine whether a more progressive treatment is preferable, such as splint whitening, or whether it is better to whiten teeth with LED light in one session. In any case, the expert will follow the whitening process with photos throughout the process.

What is achieved when teeth whitening is performed?

Teeth whitening allows the elimination of most stains produced by extrinsic causes, such as coffee, tea and other infusions, wine or cigarettes, among other substances and foods.

A whitening, therefore, allows the patient to show off a harmonious and beautiful smile, giving back to the teeth the appropriate color to the aesthetic needs of the patient, and in the shortest possible time. From 5 to 7 shades whiter can be achieved, depending on the enamel and the patient’s needs. The procedures are simple and painless, and have no side effects.

If the patient follows simple treatment instructions and maintains proper oral hygiene, tooth whitening can be maintained for years.