What is smile design and what are its advantages?

The demand for dental treatment has risen sharply in recent years. Patients are increasingly demanding aesthetically effective and natural-looking results for their smile. The simple repair or reconstruction of our teeth is no longer enough, now it is demanded that the pieces fit naturally in our mouth and that it is imperceptible to others.

The increase in demand for dental treatments has led to the development of new technologies and dental techniques capable of meeting the needs of patients.

At Dávalos & Balboa we always strive to be up to date, giving great importance to the details, which are what make the difference between a good treatment and an excellent treatment; we only work with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology. One of the most requested treatments in our clinic are dental veneers; for that, our specialist in Aesthetics Dr. Emilio García Dávalos uses the technique of Digital Smile Design (DSD).

What is Smile Design?

It is to design, following a series of measures and parameters, the ideal personalized smile for each person. To do so, both the patient’s face and mouth are taken into account, taking into account the patient’s features and proportions. In this way, the aim is to achieve a harmonious result.

Through a series of photos of your mouth, models of it and measurements on the teeth such as length, width, shape and angles, we study a series of parameters such as the curve of the smile, the height of the gum of each tooth and other aesthetic aspects.

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The objective is to digitally plan a harmonious and proportionate smile, that fits perfectly to your face, and that we will show you on the computer, in a diagnostic wax-up on a model and in your own mouth!

What are the advantages of Smile Design?

First of all, you can pre-visualize how the new smile designed for you will look like, in a rigorous and totally personalized way; so that there are no surprises and you know perfectly what you are going to get. In addition, we will try it in your mouth with the technique known as Mock-up (Aesthetic Test) so you can check how the smile will look on your face before starting the treatment.

This technique is new in the field of dentistry and brings great advantages for both patients and doctors. The possibility for the patient to see the final result before starting the treatment generates real expectations, the patient leaves convinced that the treatment to be performed works and allows the dentist to convey his or her wishes more clearly. In short, it strengthens the communication between doctor and patient.

This technique helps to better define the processes and to facilitate communication with the laboratory. These are the different functionalities provided by the digital smile design software:

  • It measures the proportions of the face: thanks to the facial digitization of the patient, the software is able to perfectly obtain its dimensions generating a perfect digital recreation. It allows to adjust the design of the teeth to the shape of the face.
  • Work with different angles of the patient: To achieve the best results, it is possible to work on different profiles of the patient.
  • Provides drawing tools: To achieve a balanced smile and achieve the best result the software has drawing tools to guide the design.
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The Digital Smile Design is a very important element. With Digital Smile Design we can modify and test any detail of the aesthetics of your mouth and teeth, what do you think, do you dare to try it?