Aesthetic novelties to look perfect in spring and summer

With the arrival of spring, its constant changes in the weather and the first warm days of the year, the change of closet and clothes takes place, and without further ado we remember that the skin, face and body also need to readjust to this new season.

Winter leaves a series of marks, such as the accumulation of localized fat or a strong dehydration in the skin.

The spring months are the ideal months to make the necessary changes to face the summer in the best condition. The CLEVER Clinic offers you the best aesthetic treatments focused on rejuvenating, remodeling and providing everything necessary to the dermis. Some treatments would be the following:

Treatment to eliminate double chin without scalpel.

For those men and women concerned about the fat that accumulates under the chin, there is a non-invasive treatment that effectively eliminates the double chin without having to undergo surgery: Belkyra.

Belkyra is a synthetic product composed of deoxycholic acid that is applied through injections, normally between two and four sessions that will be determined according to the quantity and size of the fat. The results are visible after about two weeks and are permanent.

Brightening treatment with epidermal growth factors

Bionutrilift is a treatment that combines lifting with long-lasting deep hydration, and is applied with the mesotherapy technique.

It is a product that combines hyaluronic acid with amino acids and immediately fills wrinkles and tightens the skin.

In turn, a cocktail composed of more than fifty ingredients that help to restart the activity, regenerating collagen and elastin is then injected. Expression lines and sun damage are eliminated and skin firmness is increased. The effects are noticeable after three weeks.

Effects on the eyes with botulinum toxin

The skin around the eyes accelerates facial aging. Stress, sun exposure or sleep problems can aggravate the symptoms. In turn, dark circles and bags add years to the face.

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To combat this, CLEVER lifts the ends of the eyebrows with botulinum toxin, rejuvenating the appearance of the eyes.

The procedure is performed without surgery, with a single session in which a tiny amount of botox is injected on each side of the eyebrow. The effects of the treatment last about six months.

Draining and anti-cellulite massages: detox drink and exercise routine

With food, the body accumulates toxins, which are also produced in other contexts such as emotions, stress, the environment … Therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself both inside and out.

With the use of pressotherapy, a massage is performed to drain the lymphatic system. Thanks to this, impurities, excess fluid or fat accumulations in the body are eliminated. With this, problems such as constipation can be alleviated. At the same time, the recovery of elastin and collagen is activated, helping to lose weight, oxygenate the skin and reducing cellulite.

Three other steps are used in this protocol: exfoliation with a peeling, lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massage.

After receiving it, it is recommended to administer a detox drink containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber, which allows the elimination of toxins that have been previously moved.

Vitamin and mineral cocktail

Thanks to the amount of progress that has been made in recent times, the properties of vitamins, amino acids and other substances, as well as their influence on the organism, are known in great detail.

A perfect example of these advances is for example the technique of facial mesotherapy, a treatment that rejuvenates the face and stops oxidation and flaccidity in areas such as the décolleté, hands or neck thanks to small intradermal infiltrations.

For more information on these treatments, consult a specialist in plastic surgery.