Degenerative Knee Lesions

Although knee problems occupy a large percentage of time in Traumatology consultations at any age, it is true that above 40 or 45 years of age, injuries derived from degenerative changes that present symptoms when maintaining an important and not controlled or adequate sporting activity are more frequently found.

Main knee injuries

The main knee problems can be traumatic or degenerative, even in some cases the combination of both.

The most frequent pathology includes:

– Acute meniscal injury (traumatic).

– Degenerative meniscal injury.

– Ligament injuries (anterior cruciate ligament rupture is the most frequent).

– Traumatic chondral injuries.

– Chondral degenerative lesions (chondromalacia).

To all this must be added the problems derived from the overload or from the physical exercise carried out without control or previous preparation:

– iliotibial band syndrome

– patellar tendinitis

– anserine bursitis

– femoropatellar syndrome.

Sports to avoid to prevent knee injuries

Classically the sports of contact or repeated impact, as they are for example soccer, basketball or handball, are not advisable as of certain age or in presence of already established injuries.

Tips to avoid knee injuries in sports

It is always important to warm up well before practicing sports, as well as to strengthen and prepare the musculature before submitting it to intense physical exercise.

Thus, it is advisable to start by walking, climbing stairs, exercising on a stationary bicycle, water gymnastics, etc. and then start doing more intense exercise, running on track and regular terrain, cycling, swimming, etc.

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Measuring one’s limits to prevent injuries

In conclusion, we should measure ourselves and progressively increase the intensity of the exercise according to our tolerance, age and possible pre-existing injuries, and let ourselves be advised by a traumatologist or physiotherapist.