Can bad posture cause low back pain

Low back pain is nothing more than localized pain in the lower spine or lumbar area. It is one of the most frequent pathologies and affects any age group.

Causes of low back pain

It is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation. The causes are very diverse: muscular or joint problems, nerve compression or degeneration of the intervertebral discs. These problems trigger the typical low back pain that is sometimes so disabling. The experience of this pain is different depending on the degree of affectation that produces low back pain and the experience of this pain by each person.

Are there causes other than physical effort or poor posture?

Physical exertion or poor posture are usually the most common causes, but there are many other reasons, so a good diagnosis of the triggering cause is essential to address the problem and make the best treatment.

Symptomatology of lumbago

The main symptom is pain. There are other symptoms that can be associated, such as irradiation of pain to other areas, sensation of paresthesia or dysesthesia due to nerve involvement, muscle weakness, fever, etc. Some of these symptoms may be warning signs and should be studied.

Treatment of low back pain

The most effective treatment is based on a good diagnosis of the triggering cause. A simple improvement of the position at work or when playing sports can lead to the disappearance of the symptoms. Strengthening the lumbar area by doing some sports such as swimming or yoga can also help. In other cases we must add to these measures other pharmacological measures, individualizing each case and which can be scaled according to the needs of each patient.

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The ultimate goal of all these measures is for the patient to lead a completely normal life.