Is it normal to feel hungry during menstruation

The menstrual cycle consists of two phases:

  • Follicular phase
  • Luteal phase

The follicular phase

This phase begins after the last day of menstruation and culminates with the estrogen peak, ovulation. In this initial phase of the menstrual cycle the woman’s body prepares for ovulation, so there is an increase in hormones.

In this phase, we can identify the following characteristics:

  • Feeling of satiety
  • Less hunger
  • A lot of energy
  • Promotes energy expenditure
  • Activity, desire to socialize

Luteal phase

This phase is the second phase of the cycle, which begins just before menstruation, causing the following symptoms:

  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling of hunger
  • Reduced energy expenditure
  • Decreased activity
  • Apathy

Therefore, this increase in energy intake before menstruation is completely normal.

In this sense, we must listen to our body, allow ourselves to feel hungry, respect ourselves, move less, rest… if we do not respect this process (not resting, taking stimulants such as coffee, colas, etc.) the symptoms of this phase worsen.

It is important to reconcile ourselves with our menstrual cycle, for this we must know it, know what phase we are in and respect our body.

For more information about nutrition during the menstrual cycle, contact Inés Pérez Martí, specialist in female nutrition.

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