Pectoralis major muscle enhancement technique

A pectoral augmentation consists of placing an implant with a specific shape under the pectoralis major muscle, with the idea of enhancing the shape of the pectoralis major muscle. Dr. Benito, a specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, explains that it is indicated for those men who want to give the appearance of being more muscular and who want to have a more masculine chest.

Difference between breast implants and pectoral implants: can it be done by lipotransfer?

Pectoral implants have a quadrangular shape, with a specific projection and dimensions for this area. They are also more cohesive than breast implants. While breast implants aim to augment the mammary gland, pectoral implants aim to enhance the pectoralis major muscle.

Pectoral augmentation can also be done by lipotransfer, grafting fat into the subcutaneous tissue and/or muscle. What happens is that patients who usually do weight training do not have enough fat.

Pectoral augmentation surgery: what does it consist of?

The operation consists of creating a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle from the armpit. It is not a complex surgery if the surgeon masters the axillary technique and knows that the pectoralis major muscle must not be injured.

Recovery after pectoral augmentation surgery

Pectoral augmentation surgery is not a very painful procedure. The patient has a feeling of stiffness in the muscle area although the armpit may be a little uncomfortable. Normal life can be done in 48 hours except for physical exercise, which is forbidden for 6 weeks.