Everything you need to know about pectoral augmentation

In recent years, male aesthetic surgery has grown exponentially, with pectoral prostheses being one of the most demanded procedures.

For whom is the intervention indicated?

Men who suffer from muscular atrophy or who have significant asymmetries are ideal candidates for surgery. In these patients it is possible to harmonize and dissimulate this kind of problems in an evident way.

Likewise, it is also indicated for those men who wish to have a larger pectoral or with a more defined shape, since in some men it is not possible to achieve it even with extensive gym routines.

What are the prostheses like?

The prostheses are anatomically designed for the pectoral and it will be the surgeon who will indicate the appropriate size. These prostheses are made of silicone gel.

What does the procedure consist of?

First of all, the body must be studied and the patient’s priorities must be defined with the patient in order to choose both the size of the prosthesis and the entrance route.

The prostheses or implants can be inserted through the armpit or the mammary sulcus. The incision made is about four centimeters, allowing to create a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle, where the prosthesis will be implemented.

The results are immediate, although they cannot be considered definitive in size and shape until a few months have passed. In addition, the prostheses have a very natural feel, so it is very difficult to detect them.

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How long does the procedure last?

The duration is between one and two hours. The patient will remain under general anesthesia and will be admitted overnight.

During the first night a compressive bandage and drainage tubes may be placed.

What does the postoperative period consist of?

In the first days some discomfort may appear, so the specialist will prescribe analgesic medication. Also, during the first five days total rest is required. The return to work can be done after the surgeon makes an evaluation of the postoperative period. It will not be possible to practice sports until one month after the intervention.

On the other hand, in the first three or four weeks the patient must wear a specific compression shirt for recovery.

Can the prosthesis cause complications in the mammary gland?

No. In any case there is no direct relationship between the prosthesis and any disease. For more information, contact ClĂ­nica Rinos.