How to identify and treat a rotator cuff injury?

How do we know if we have a rotator cuff injury? What symptoms will we notice?

A rotator cuff injury is manifested by shoulder pain and sometimes weakness for some movements. Night pain is also common.

Is it possible to notice it at the time of injury?

Most cases are chronic but some patients notice the first symptom after an occasional overexertion.

What type of activities, movements or sports can lead to this type of injury?

Repeated activities and sports with overhead movements most often predispose to this type of injury.

How should rotator cuff injury be treated? What minimally invasive techniques are available?

A high percentage of patients respond favorably to treatment with rehabilitation.

On the other hand, in those patients in whom symptoms persist, shoulder arthroscopy is performed for treatment.

Can we prevent the onset of the injury?

In patients who have suffered rotator cuff injuries or who are at increased risk of injury, certain exercises to strengthen the shoulder are recommended. A physician or physical therapy specialist can help create a routine.

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When will the patient be able to return to sports?

Sports practice is usually recommended to be resumed three months after surgery.

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