Can sport be resumed after tennis elbow injury?

What is epicondylitis or tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a painful condition of the tendons on the lateral aspect of the elbow.

What are the possible causes of the injury?

It is often associated with overuse of the limb, such as: racquet sports, some office work, work activities such as carpentry, being a painter or a butcher. In addition, it can also occur with repeated minor activities of daily living.

What can happen if it is not treated properly?

The main risk is the chronic persistence of pain in the lateral aspect of the elbow that hinders many daily activities and even small efforts.

When is surgery necessary?

Approximately 5-10% of cases will require surgery. The operation is indicated in that small group of patients who have had symptoms for more than 6 months without any improvement.

Is it possible to return to sport after rehabilitation?

Yes, in most cases they will return to sporting activity once the process has been controlled. Occasionally, it is recommended to adjust some technical aspects such as racquet grip or those that correspond to your job.