The 5 basic questions about shoulder prostheses

When will a shoulder prosthesis be necessary?

In certain cases, of which we can highlight those described below:

  • Changes due to arthrosis of the shoulder joint.
  • Chronic ruptures of the tendons.
  • In some cases by fractures of the head of the humerus.

In what type of injuries is it considered that a conservative treatment or another type of surgery will not give results, and the prosthesis is chosen?

Above all, if the patient is at risk because of his general state of health or if the injuries can be treated by simpler methods.

How to choose the best shoulder prosthesis? Are there 100% customized prostheses for this joint?

The surgeon specializing in traumatology will advise the patient on the most suitable prosthesis.

Nowadays, the possibilities of customizing the shoulder prosthesis to the needs and the patient himself is very high, thanks to the great progress and development in its design.

Is there any risk of rejection?

Rejection in well-selected patients is very low, less than 3%.

What will the recovery be like after the operation, and when will the patient be able to lead a normal life?

From three months after the operation the patient can already perform a large number of activities of daily living, following the precautions indicated by the specialist.

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