What is reendodontics?

Re-endodontics is the re-treatment of the root canals of teeth and is performed when the initial endodontic treatment of a tooth has not worked as expected.

This treatment consists of removing the materials inside the root canals of the tooth and, once this is done, the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and filled. This treatment is used with the main objective of keeping the natural tooth in the mouth.

When is it necessary to perform a root canal?

A root canal should be performed when it is detected that an endodontic treatment has failed and it is suspected that it is due to purely endodontic causes or for infectious reasons.

How is reendodontics performed? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Currently, rotary files are used for most reendodontic procedures. The main advantage of a root canal is that it allows teeth to remain in the mouth that would otherwise need to be extracted. However, it should be noted that reendodontics has a higher failure rate than endodontics. Therefore, the dentist should consider that a root canal is better than extracting the tooth.

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