Why a trigger is not a problem

Losing your erection before reaching orgasm is not just a biological event, as losing your appetite while eating can be, but there is much more at play.

Erection is something that involves a strong emotional component. Not being able to finish intercourse can frustrate a man, making him feel inadequate for his partner and for sex. In general, a man who is unable to maintain an erection feels useless.

But why can’t he stop making love when that happens and move on to something else? The reason: sex has been charged with a great social value. That is to say, men and women have stopped thinking about what sex is in order to use it as a value to place themselves in society.

It is the same thing that happens with the job, the number of followers in RRSS, the bank account, the level of studies, if we have more or less properties, etc. We give value to these things and we use them as medals to go up or down steps of the social pyramid in search of our desired level.

The fact that we are organized in society has made us the only beings that act in this way with sex. In the rest of the species it is physical strength, age or beauty that places each one in its pyramidal step: the strength of the wolf, the longevity of the elephant, the beauty of the peacock, etc. None of them, however, rises or falls in rank according to their biological function with sex; they are not respected more or less for finishing coitus or not. If the alpha wolf loses his erection because he hears a noise in the woods, he will not think he is useless, and neither will his partner.

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Thus, when there is difficulty in maintaining an erection, it is only necessary to rule out that there is no medical problem. Then it only remains to understand why some situations lead our body to abandon the sexual act, accept it and act accordingly.

Remove social value from sex!