How to recognize a penile fracture

Trauma to the penis is unusual, but requires surgical urgency in most cases. Penile fractures are usually caused by blows, falls, kicks, traffic accidents, or sports practice. But the main cause is sexual intercourse.

In this case, the injury usually occurs when the sexual position is the one in which the man is lying down and the woman is on top. Another cause occurs when the erect penis bumps against the perineum, or pubis, when it comes out during intercourse. At that moment, the penis bends causing a rupture in the tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa.

Another common cause is forced bending in erection, where the man grasps the base of the penis and attempts to bend it downward. It is common in Middle Eastern countries, where it is practiced to achieve detumescence in unsuitable situations.

Vigorous masturbation or turning in bed with an erect penis may also be one of the causes.

How to recognize a penile fracture?

First of all, the patient notices a snapping sound in the area at the moment when the fracture occurs. Shortly afterwards, a hematoma appears on the penis with significant swelling, colloquially called “eggplant penis”.

The best diagnostic test is the performance of an MRI, since it allows the entire structure of the penis to be observed.

In most cases, treatment must be surgical to suture the lesion. In addition, the aim is also to avoid possible consequences of the lesion such as Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction or penile curvature.