5 frequently asked questions about facelift

When to have a facelift?

In youth, the volume of the face is found in the upper portion, in the cheekbones and upper cheek. In addition, the skin of the chin is well adjusted to the edge of the jaw, which is the reason why young patients have it so well marked. On the other hand, the passing of the years produces a sagging of the tissues and an atrophy of the fat, which develops particularly from the 40’s onwards.

It is important to clarify that the facelift cannot be separated from the neck lift. It is two operations in one and this is due to the fact that the sagging of the tissues is transmitted from the face downwards. It is typical the appearance of the “cocochas” on both sides of the mouth and the excess skin in the neck.

The patients who benefit most from a facelift are those who have sagging and atrophy, because they will see how the tissues are lifted again and how facial harmony is recovered through the injection of fat.

What does fat injection consist of?

It is a procedure that is increasingly performed in combination with a facelift, as it corrects the lack of volume in the cheekbones and jawline. Fat injection is safe due to its biocompatibility and permanence of results without migration of the injection product.

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The combination of facelift surgery with fat injection allows for greater corrections than fillers or lifts alone even in combination with other therapies.

How many years does a facelift last?

The facelift repositions the tissues achieving elevations of between 2.5 and 4 cm. This is a lot of lift, and no other technique will lift that much. Therefore, after surgery it is as if we were going back in time, as if we were going backwards. Depending on the speed of aging of each person, these results will last more or less time.

Changes in the patient’s weight, smoking and other factors such as the strength of the facial muscles can change the results and accelerate facial aging.

Is it possible to do a home facelift?

In no case it is possible, it is always necessary to go to a specialist in plastic surgery.

How long does it take to see the results after a facelift surgery?

Normally the result is immediate, but the first few days there is bruising and the face is swollen, so we recommend avoiding social engagements for at least 3 weeks. Usually after a month we can observe the more definitive result that our patients will present.