The importance of communication in a couple

Communication is basic in a couple. In relationships that have been living together for several years, conversation has become limited and unstimulating. Sharing a hobby encourages and stimulates conversation with a partner. Psychology can help to find new ways of understanding in the couple.

At the beginning of a couple’s relationship, people talk often and about a wide variety of topics. In addition, it is a time when they listen with great interest to what the other person tells them.

However, when the couple has been living together for years, they speak little to each other. Verbal communication in a couple who have been living together for several years is reduced to very specific information on issues of domestic organization or concerns expressed in the form of complaints about the other partner.

Couple communication over time

In general, over the years, communication has become limited and uninspiring. It is observed that men go through a stage of transient talkativeness when they try to conquer their partner. Then, with time, they talk less and have a lot of difficulty in verbally expressing their feelings.

On the other hand, it is also true that a couple who live together and share the education of their children feel that living as a couple brings stability to their lives.

Bearing in mind that communication is very important in a couple’s relationship, it is important to consider how to talk to your partner.

Communication is key to avoid conflicts and strengthen the relationship.

Expressing through conversation all kinds of emotions, even negative ones, in a constructive way is a way to let the other know that this is what we need. It is also important to try to understand the negative emotions expressed by the other person.

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Contrary to what it may seem, more couple conflicts may arise from not communicating than from talking properly. The important thing is to know how to manage conflicts, not to try to avoid them.

Often, sharing a hobby encourages conversation. Conversation between people is the creation of shared intelligence, it is a stimulating exchange in which what one participant says influences the response of the other and so on indefinitely.