Abdominal liposculpture and fat buttock augmentation

The abdominal liposculpture is a method to remodel the abdominal figure, which is performed through a surgical intervention of the accumulated fat. There are many cases in which it is necessary to perform liposuction in different abdominal areas to achieve the desired figure.

Currently, the CBC Center has the Body-jet system to perform this technique. This is a natural way to achieve more volume in the buttocks without the need for implants or other substances that are not natural.

Who can undergo an abdominal liposculpture and buttock augmentation with fat?

The people who can undergo an abdominal liposculpture and buttocks augmentation with fat are those who meet the following conditions:

  • They are at a normal weight or slightly overweight.
  • They have marked accumulations of fat in the abdomen.
  • No flaccidity

The person who has abdominal flaccidity usually requires an abdominoplasty, but it does not mean that it is exclusive with fat transfer. In any case, the patient should go to the surgeon’s office to indicate the best option for each specific case.

How is the procedure of this technique?

The abdominal liposculpture with fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery that, although it is generally performed under general anesthesia, in some cases, it is performed under sedation. In most of the cases, it is performed in a day hospital regime, so that the patient can be discharged the same night of the surgery.

In the surgical procedure, which can vary between 2 and 4 hours, very small incisions are made for both liposuction and fat transfer. In this way, after a few months these incisions are not visible. Generally, liposculpture is performed through the Body-jet and later a preparation of the fat is performed to inject it with cannulas in the desired area. The main advantage of the Body-jet is that it has higher survival rates of the fat in comparison with the classic techniques.

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Although the results are visible immediately, they cannot be assessed until a few months have passed, after the use of special girdles to achieve optimal results.

It is not a very painful surgery, but it is necessary to rest for a week to achieve a progressive recovery. After the operation, the patient will be able to walk and go to the bathroom and, in fact, it is recommended that from the first day she starts walking.

When is the best moment to undergo an abdominal liposculpture?

The abdominal liposculpture and buttocks augmentation with fat is a technique that can be performed at any time. However, the autumn, winter and spring months are the most advisable, since in the summer months, the use of girdles and bandages can be more uncomfortable.

What to expect from the abdominal liposculpture and buttocks augmentation with fat

After the abdominal liposculpture and buttock augmentation with fat, the final results will be seen after 4 to 6 months. Generally, the volume of the abdomen will decrease progressively.

In any case, it is not advisable to sleep on the back and to sit, especially during long periods of time and on hard surfaces. From the first week, the improvement starts to be very evident. After a month, physical activities can be started progressively.

Can the abdominal liposculpture be combined with other aesthetic surgeries?

In most cases, abdominal liposculpture can be combined with other aesthetic surgeries, especially with breast surgery and fat transfer to other areas of the body.