Peeling, a treatment to improve the appearance of the skin

A peeling is a forced exfoliation of the epidermis that is performed through the application of specific products for each type of skin. In this way, a renewal of the most superficial cells of the epidermis can be achieved. And consequently, there is an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Treatment for Melasma and Chloasma

Melasma and Chloasma are two skin disorders characterized by the progressive appearance of pigmentation in various areas of the face, especially in the supralabial area, forehead, lower eyelids and cheeks.

In most cases, these alterations are caused by exposure to the sun. However, other factors such as pregnancy and the ingestion of contraceptives or other medications may also contribute to their appearance.

They generally affect women between 20 and 45 years of age, and tend to be more visible in the summer season, because solar radiation increases the dark pigmentation of the skin. Treatment is based on peelings and depigmenting masks, combined with the daily use of exfoliating and depigmenting creams.

To prevent these alterations, it is essential to use high protection sunscreens on a daily basis.

What is a superficial peeling?

It is a simple technique that does not require anesthesia or prior sedation. It is usually done on an outpatient basis and the session usually lasts a few minutes. In some cases, the peel may cause temporary stinging, which disappears after neutralization.

Generally, men and women who undergo a peeling treatment have the objective of improving the quality and appearance of their skin, seeking homogeneity and rejuvenation. But there are more specific purposes:

  • To improve the appearance of aging skin due to sun exposure and age.
  • To more effectively remove oil from the skin, complementing acne treatment.
  • To improve scars that have been caused by acne
  • To eliminate or correct the smallest wrinkles
  • To smooth or even out skin color, especially brown spots that appear on the face.
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When and how a peel should be performed

The most appropriate age to undergo a superficial chemical peel treatment always depends on the reason for which it is performed. When the treatment is performed to eliminate acne and its scars, any age is appropriate. As a treatment for aging or blemishes, it is recommended from the age of 25.

Regarding the periodicity and the number of peelings to be performed, it depends on each case. In cases where the skin condition is more unfavorable, more peels should be performed. Even if the desired effect has already been achieved, a peel should be performed every few months to maintain the results.


Care instructions are always provided by the consultation specialist, but under no circumstances should sunbathing be done in the first few days after the peel.