Pilates and physiotherapy: a beneficial combination for health

Pilates exercises provide many benefits for health problems. For this reason, combined with physiotherapy, this sport is a perfect therapeutic complement for the treatment of different injuries or pathologies.

Practicing Pilates during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, it is highly recommended to practice Pilates. In fact, it is important for pregnant women to exercise during pregnancy, because it is something that allows them to improve their quality of life. In addition, it will help you to better manage the whole process of becoming a mother, both in the time before delivery and in the subsequent recovery period after delivery (puerperium).

How are Pilates and physiotherapy related?

In the center and physiotherapy clinic in Malaga, we provide a comprehensive service, taking advantage of the benefits of combining Pilates with physiotherapy. In this way, the center’s team includes both therapeutic exercise through pilates and rehabilitation of injuries with physiotherapy techniques.

How long does a therapeutic pilates session last approximately?

The approximate time of the Therapeutic Pilates sessions that are performed in the center and physiotherapy clinic in Malaga, is usually 50 minutes. However, there are cases in which the patient needs to extend the duration of the sessions. In these cases, the professional makes an assessment of the situation and characteristics of the patient to offer the most appropriate options.

Who can practice Pilates?

Anyone, from children to the elderly, can practice Pilates exercises, because it can be adapted to the physical characteristics of each type of person. Obviously, at some point everyone is a beginner, so the expert adapts the exercises according to the level of each patient.