What are the advantages of immediate load dental implants?

What are immediate load dental implants?

Immediate load dental implants is a type of treatment indicated to restore the esthetics and functionality of the smile that consists in the placement of a prosthesis (a temporary fixed crown) in less than 24 hours after the implant was placed.

The main difference with respect to traditional dental implants is that it is not necessary to wait 3 to 6 months to completely restore the lost teeth, so the patient can live a normal life as soon as he/she leaves the clinic.

Can any patient have them?

Any patient can undergo immediate load implants treatment. Nowadays there are several techniques that allow us to recover the lost bone in those patients who have been without teeth for years.

At Clínica Peydro we always recommend treatment once the tooth has fallen out to avoid bone loss.

In the case of having suffered the loss of several teeth due to periodontal disease, they can also be restored with immediate load implants, but for this it is necessary to have previously controlled periodontal disease.

How and how long does it take to place immediate load implants?

In less than 24 hours, the patient is already using a temporary fixed prosthesis, without having to wear a removable ‘removable’ prosthesis. This prevents the patient from having problems with speaking, denture movement, etc. In addition, the placement of a fixed provisional prosthesis also facilitates the adaptation for the subsequent definitive fixed prosthesis.

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After the placement of the fixed provisional prosthesis, the patient will undergo a period of osseointegration that will last between 3 and 6 months. Once the implant is well bonded to the bone, the definitive prosthesis will be placed.

What are the advantages of immediate implants?

The main advantages of immediate implants are that in less than 24 hours the patient recovers the esthetics and functionality of the smile. In addition, immediate implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, so the patient will improve their quality of life, being able to smile and eat normally.

Are they safe and do they last as long as conventional implants?

They are totally safe. In addition, immediate load implants usually have a much lower rejection rate than conventional implants.

Their durability also depends on the patient, as in the case of natural teeth. If you keep your maintenance appointments, maintain good oral hygiene and don’t smoke or drink, you will last longer.