Lingual orthodontics, the esthetics of the future arrives to the present

Lingual orthodontics is a technique in which the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth, so they are not visible from the outside and are much more aesthetic. This technique has been on the rise in recent years, due to the notorious aesthetic advantage over other conventional methods.

Thus, all people who wish to correct the aesthetics and dental function through orthodontics can opt for the lingual technique, although the decision on which corrective treatment will be used should be made in conjunction with the specialist in orthodontics.

Characteristics of lingual orthodontics

The main difference between lingual orthodontics and conventional orthodontics is the aforementioned, that in the first case the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth, while in conventional techniques the brackets are placed on the outside of the teeth.

In terms of duration, this type of treatment lasts around 18 months, although the time will vary depending on each case and its complexity.

Lingual orthodontics advantages

The main advantage lies in the aesthetic point of view, in lingual orthodontics the brackets are not visible from the outside; it is a personalized technique, in which the brackets are custom-made. For these reasons, this treatment is more frequently requested by patients.

As for the disadvantage we find their price, as they are around 35-40% more expensive than the conventional technique (because of its expensive materials and the sophistication of the technique, in which there is a smaller number of professionals with the capacity to perform it). In the end, however, it pays off, as patients are very grateful and happy with the result.

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In our clinic we have extensive experience in this treatment, supported by testimonials from numerous patients.