Bichectomy: the stylization of the face

Bichat bags – also known as Bichat balls – are fat pads located under the cheekbones that basically serve to support and structure the face. Depending on the size of these bags, the appearance of a person’s face will vary between a round face with poorly defined angles and a more elongated or stylized face.

Thus, Aesthetic Medicine has found a procedure with which the excess volume of the bags can be removed, thus achieving a more elongated and slender face. It is called bichectomy or removal of Bichat’s balls, which involves the removal of fat under the cheekbones, achieving a slimming of the midface.

What are the advantages of a bichectomy?

One of the advantages of a bichectomy is that it can be performed at any time. In fact, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and its duration is about half an hour.

Another advantage of this procedure is its recovery, since it is a very comfortable postoperative period for the patient. In fact, sometimes there may be a slight swelling, and in other even more isolated cases, there may be a hematoma that disappears between five and seven days later.

Results of a bichectomy

The results of this procedure are not instantaneous. In fact, in order to be able to observe them, it is necessary that the swelling disappears completely, as well as the internal scar that is formed with all operations. In terms of definitive results, these begin to be observed at least three months after the intervention.

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For more information on bichectomy and its applications, consult a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.