Corneal Infections in Contact Lens Wearers

Corneal infection or keratitis in contact lens wearers is an increasingly frequent pathology in our society. Its clinical spectrum is variable, from cases originated by an excess in the number of hours they are used, to other cases of serious infections caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites, which result in vision impairment and in some cases even require a corneal transplant.

Causes of corneal infections

The factors related to infections in contact lens wearers are:

  • Contact lens abuse
  • Nocturnal wear
  • Poor hygiene

Tips for contact lens wearers

The following rules are essential for all contact lens wearers:

  1. Do not wear contact lenses more than eight hours a day. Abuse leads to lack of corneal nutrition, with risk of infection. A greater number of infections have been described in contact lens wearers who sleep with contact lenses.
  2. Avoid contact lens contact with water. Some germs present in water have a predilection for contact lens material, which leads to corneal parasite infections. Therefore, it is important to avoid showering with them, getting into river, sea or pond water and, if you do, discard them after use.
  3. Wash hands whenever they are handled.
  4. Cleaning the cases.
  5. Follow contact lens specialists’ recommendations.
  6. See an ophthalmologist early in case of red eye or discomfort in contact lens wearers.