Facial Remodeling: Recover your features

In the aging process there are involutive and atrophic changes of the different facial structures. Such as shadows in the area where the dark circles under the eyes meet, sinking of the cheekbones, skeletonization of the temple area, loss of the facial oval, ….. Dr. Santana, an expert in Aesthetic Medicine, talks about the importance of natural results in facial remodeling.

When to undergo a facial remodeling treatment?

The changes in the facial features are due to the fact that the support of the bony skeleton and the deep and superficial fatty compartments of the face deflate with time, in addition to the laxity of the facial retaining ligaments and the loss of the qualities of our skin due to extrinsic and intrinsic aging.

All these changes can be smoothed with the use of specific cosmetic procedures selected for each patient. The aim is to restore lost volume and recover contours and profiles, while restoring smoothness and luminosity to the skin.

Reshaping without exaggeration

It is essential that the specialist seeks consensus with patients and makes a rigorous study of their characteristics and needs. Therefore, it is advisable to support the process with diagnostic studies of the skin and bone structures of the patient, her lifestyle and needs.

The keys to facial remodeling are to achieve a natural improvement, recover the signs of youth by restoring lost fat volumes and smoothing the transition lines between the different facial structures, always without neglecting the care and treatment of the skin.

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For this purpose, good medical products with sanitary registration must be used. It is advisable for the specialist to give the patient the product references after the sanitary intervention.

Results of facial remodeling

All these non-invasive and non-aggressive cosmetic procedures are performed with a refined and exquisite technique based on continuous training in the latest world techniques and consolidated by years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Since it is a non-invasive technique, the patient can resume his social life in a natural way from the moment of the intervention.

Thanks to facial remodeling, an improvement of the face is achieved by recovering the lost features in a natural way.