CoolAdvantage: the newest treatment to eliminate localized fat

CoolSculpting treatment is a clinically proven, non-surgical procedure that selectively reduces fat using patented cold technology.

It is the only Aesthetic Medicine treatment to date that employs cold as a CE and FDA approved tool. This novel technology acts on fat cells by selectively and precisely cooling them to induce natural and controlled fat removal without affecting surrounding tissues.

CoolSculpting Results

The CoolSculpting technique is used to eliminate fat in the abdomen, buttocks, flanks, arms, inner legs and submental area. Most patients begin to see results within three weeks after treatment, with the most noticeable results after one to three months. Each patient is unique, with different characteristics and expectations, so at RibeClinic a customized treatment plan is made as part of the initial consultation.

The CoolSculpting method of localized fat removal has a 95% patient satisfaction rate.

CoolAdvantage, the upgraded version of CoolSculpting

In July 2016 comes CoolAdvantage ™, which improves on previous versions of CoolSculpting. It uses a wider cup type to treat a larger area, lower temperature and the treatment duration is halved. Thus, better results are achieved, in less time, with 35-minute sessions.

The CoolSculpting procedure has numerous published clinical studies scientifically demonstrating its efficacy. It is also supported by millions of treatments performed worldwide using this method and satisfied clients.

For all these reasons, the CoolSculpting procedure has established itself as the gold standard in non-invasive fat reduction.