New technique of body remodeling with radiofrequency and ultrasound

The world of Aesthetic Medicine has incorporated the Accent Prime platform, the latest advance in body remodeling and skin tightening in Spain. This technique focuses on the combination of radiofrequency and new generation ultrasound, which combined together reduce adipocytes and at the same time produce and improve collagen, facilitating a proper skin tightening.

Effective and safe body reshaping

The Accent Prime platform uses the power and effectiveness of radiofrequency and state-of-the-art ultrasound to eliminate excess fat and sagging skin, visibly improving body shape and contour.

On the one hand, state-of-the-art “cold” ultrasonic waves selectively destroy adipocytes. On the other hand, unipolar radiofrequency accelerates your metabolism, producing a rapid lymphatic drainage. Finally, the application of bipolar radiofrequency produces a tightening effect on the skin and improves its texture. This combination of technologies achieves better results than when used separately.

Although the treatment consists of a total of 8-10 sessions performed every 15 days, the results can be perceived from the first session. This technique can be used in areas of the body such as buttocks, abdomen, double chin, buttocks, inner thighs, among others. In addition, it is a simple, safe procedure that does not require recovery time, so the patient can return to their daily life after each session.

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