Myopia: what it is and how it affects mood

Myopia is an ocular refractive error that causes blurred vision of everything far away from the person. It arises because the visual image, instead of being projected onto the retina from the first moment, is projected in front of it.

Myopia affects the patient’s state of mind.

Myopia causes anxiety in patients because it has a tendency to increase in such a way that visual acuity decreases and the sufferer becomes increasingly dependent on glasses or contact lenses. Usually, it stabilizes when the growth process is over, having a normal vision after vision correction with glasses.

Surgery to eliminate myopia

High myopia is chronic and degenerative as it has the capacity to generate problems due to its association with alterations in the ocular fundus. High myopia can lead to vision loss if the deformation of the eye damages the retina or its separation, which can be solved with myopia surgery. Thanks to this laser, there are fewer complications during and after the procedure, so it can be performed as accurately as possible.

It can be associated with other vision problems such as cataracts or glaucoma.

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