Clínica Vila performs the first check-ups to ASINDOWN

Clínica Oftalmológica Vila and the association ASINDOWN Valencia have recently signed a collaboration agreement to promote and raise awareness about the importance of visual health in people with Down Syndrome. Most people in this group are affected to some extent by some difficulty of vision. This action is intended to help the association for a better integration of these people in society. With this purpose, last March 12, the ophthalmological team of Clínica Vila attended the first patients, a group of children under 4 years of age.

On this occasion, Dr. Luisa Guerra, whose trajectory and experience in children’s ophthalmology is very extensive, was responsible for directing and performing the appropriate check-ups on each of the children. Among her most outstanding achievements, she was national advisor for the Pediatric specialty for the Ministry of Health, within the National Program for the “Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Diseases and Alterations in the child”.

For Clínica Vila it has been a pleasure to receive these patients who, together with their family, have collaborated all morning in the performance of these tests. Ophthalmological examinations are of utmost importance for the future of children, especially those who develop eye pathologies at an early age.

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