How do bacteria affect our mouth?

According to experts, about 100 million bacteria live in every millimeter of our saliva. It is common to believe that bacteria are only negative, when the reality is that they also bring us benefits.

The problem with bacteria arises when we do not control them properly, since they can trigger oral diseases, the mouth being an ideal place for them. This is due to being in a warm and humid environment, with many nooks and crannies.

Main dental health problems caused by bacteria

  • Periodontitis: inflammation of the gums, with a loss of the bone surrounding the tooth. It is a consequence of bacterial plaque that forms on the surface of the tooth and in the gum. The roughness of the tooth enamel helps bacteria to adhere to the bottom, making it impossible for saliva to remove them.
  • Halitosis: or bad breath. It is important to control this type of bacteria, as they can cause other types of conditions, such as infectious endocarditis.
  • Caries: bacteria transform starch and sugar into an acid, which in turn destroys the enamel creating holes, until it reaches the dental pulp.
  • Cancer: also linked to oral bacteria. There are bacteria directly related to pancreatic cancer.
  • Respiratory infections: these bacteria can also lead to this kind of infections. It is even more important to treat them with care in today’s times, with covid-19.

The importance of the tongue

The tongue is essential for oral health. It is just as important to brush your teeth as your tongue, since the tongue is also exposed to bacteria and food debris. For this reason, they should also be removed from its surface.

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For more questions about oral health, contact a dental specialist.