What type of brackets are best for me?

Over time, developments in orthodontics have brought about various styles and approaches to treatment. Dental experts are the ones who know each type of braces, as well as the characteristics of each one and the ones that best fit the needs of each patient.

Metal brackets

This type of brackets are made of metal and have ligatures, so they are not the most aesthetic brackets and recommended for adults. Mostly, these brackets are used in children, with the particularity that they can choose the color of the rubber bands of the ligatures.

Damon self-ligating brackets

Orthodontics with self-ligating brackets is a treatment indicated for patients in a special hurry to achieve results. Its main characteristic is the absence of ligatures. In their absence, they have a kind of anchor that grips the archwire, achieving a perfect union between the two and allowing faster movements in the tooth.

Aesthetic brackets, porcelain or sapphire brackets

Among the traditional brackets, this is undoubtedly the most esthetic option and the most recommended for adults due to its great quality-price ratio. The brackets are made of sapphire crystal that is completely transparent, so the color is the natural color of the tooth, going very unnoticed.


This treatment consists of the use of a series of transparent splints, custom-made for each patient. These splints are changed every fifteen days, achieving with each splint small micromovements that, with the passage of time, are placing the teeth to achieve their ideal position.

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Another advantage of Invisalign is that it is removable, that is, it can be put in and taken out, for example, to eat or brush your teeth. Thus, it becomes the most comfortable and hygienic option of all the existing ones.

Lingual orthodontics

This is the most advanced and precise option available today. It is practically invisible, since it consists of a series of brackets located on the inside of the teeth, so the appliance is not visible to the naked eye. Lingual brackets are individually manufactured one by one according to the shape of each tooth, so their adaptation is perfect, being precise and fast and achieving perfect results.

What are the advantages of orthodontics for adults?

– The desired smile is achieved

– Improved bite

– Adult orthodontics are very esthetic and hardly noticeable.

– There are different alternatives at variable prices

– They can be financed

– Rewarding results