New technique to accelerate orthodontic treatment

Patients are always concerned about the time it takes to fix their smile. Many innovations have been introduced to speed up treatment time, improvements in bracket design to aid simpler treatment (self-ligating brackets), treatment protocols with surgical aids (corticotomies and osteotomies to speed up orthodontics), ….. The latest research and innovation we present has shown that when it comes to accelerating the speed of tooth movement, inflammatory biological principles can be activated to accelerate bone remodeling.

The scientifically proven solution is a new minimally invasive technique called microosteoperforation, which stimulates cytokine activity to accelerate alveolar bone remodeling. Alveocentesis stimulates the alveolar bone when orthodontic force is applied to the teeth. As a result, the bone is remodeled more efficiently, which can reduce treatment time by 60% or more.

Micro-osteoperforations can be performed using a new device by Propel Orthodontics and can be done in a matter of minutes by an orthodontist in the office. The procedure produces very little discomfort to patients and recovery time is minimal. The procedure is indicated for 80% of patients receiving orthodontic treatment and can be used in conjunction with any treatment modality.

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