The advantages of the microscope in dental treatment

The application of the microscope is one of the technological innovations in dentistry in recent years. This advance has made it possible to discover new horizons in the field of diagnostic and treatment dentistry. In this way, more precise work can be carried out and predictable results can be achieved, always with maximum safety.

Diagonal Clinic has been using the microscope for several years and is a specialist in its treatments. The microscope offers great advantages, allowing for better patient care and more accurate diagnoses, as well as greater precision and safety. Another benefit is during treatment, since it reduces treatment times.

In short, the microscope is a key tool of great value for Diagonal Clinic.

What advantages does the microscope offer?

The main advantage provided by microscopy is that we are now able to treat structures that were previously barely visible to the human eye.

Surgical microscope treatments are referred to as microscopic dentistry or microdentistry. In daily use, it has become a tool that makes it easier to work on the teeth while visualizing them, which gives us magnification and luminosity.

At Diagnoal Clinic we use this tool in multiple treatments and we have opened a line of specialization in the research of new areas. Some of the examples in which we use the microscope are in treatments such as endodontics, dental esthetics, conservative dentistry, orthodontics, etc.

The main advantages it offers us are:

  • Precision.
  • Optimal visualization of the smallest details.
  • Exhaustive diagnoses.
  • Successful treatment results.
  • Possibility of performing a much more conservative dentistry.
  • Shorter treatments. These are less traumatic and less invasive.
  • Improved communication with the patient and the possibility of explaining treatments in a more precise, clear and didactic way.
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We are committed to the use of the microscope and we are firmly convinced that it opens a new era in the application of dental treatments. It is a technology that requires a significant economic investment, as well as a long period of training and adaptation for the professional who is going to use it. Even so, at Diagonal Clinic we believe in its usefulness and that it is worth the effort, since this practice allows us to improve the service, quality and safety of the patient, in order to achieve excellence in our treatments.

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